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  • When was Ujima Language and Literacy founded?
    Ujima began as a literacy fair, June 2015, founded by Dr. Shurita Thomas-Tate.
  • What programs does Ujima Language and Literacy offer?
    1) Family Literacy Nights 2) Ujima Summer Literacy Camp
  • Are there any other chapters of Ujima Language and Literacy in the U.S.?
    While there are other organizations in the U.S. that use the Ujima name, we are a parent non-profit organization focused on language and literacy in Springfield, Missouri.
  • Does your organization work with students in middle school?
    Our program is designed for children, birth-11 years old.
  • Is Ujima Language and Literacy able to officially diagose my child if I think he/she has a learning disability?
    While we have volunteers on staff who have experience working with students with disabilities, we do not offer diagnostic testing.
  • How will my donations to Ujima Language and Literacy be used?
    Your donation allows all children to attend free of charge! Donations pay for monthly and summer literacy programming, diverse children's books, and family dinners.
  • Is your organization accepting major sponsorships/partnerships?
    Yes! We are always looking for and accepting new partners. 1) Contact us via our contact form. 2) Someone will reach out to you with information on how to become a partner. 3) Ujima Language and Literacy is a 501 (c)(3). All donations are tax-deductible.
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